City with many Names. 

If you'll go from Marrakech to Essaouira, it will seem that you've left a country and landed in a foreign one. City of Many names, former Mogador, or more recently known as a place where the famous Tv Series "Game of Thrones" was recorded, Essaoira seems like a lost piece of paradise in middle of Morocco. 

At 8.00 am you'll leave Jemaa El-Fna Square to a 167 km journey until the Atlantic Coast City.

You're first stop will be around 11.00 am near a, very frequent in Morocco, but uncommon Argan tree. On the top of it you'll find several african goats that, besides feeding on grass and leaves, they've also learned how to climb trees in order to feed themselves on the foliage and fruits of the Argania. It may seem to you that their balance is pretty precarious, but they are sure-footed and used to climb it.

Next you'll go to "Assouss Argane", a small Biological Cooperative directed by women who extract argan oil from Argania's seeds and transform it in the most scented natural beauty products.      

At noon, you'll arrive to Essaouira. There, lunch is optional and program is free until 4.00 pm. We recommend you to plan in advance what specific places you want to visit. It is a small town, but it's hard not to loose yourself while shopping in the UNESCO World heritage listed Medina and Silver city Cooperative.

It is a windy town, capital for surfers and windsurfers. If you are one, we also advise you to take your board with you.




8.00 am -  Pick up at Jemma El-Fna Square

11.00 am - Stop to admire the Argan Oil goat tree

11.10 am - Visit Assous Argan, Argan Oil Biological Cooperative

12.00 pm - Arrival to Essaouira

12.00 pm - 4.00 pm - Free Time to explore the city

4.00 pm - Return to Marrakech