What One Needs To Know Before Coming To Marrakech

Every good traveler does it!

You're starting to plan your trip to Marrakech and you immediately buy the country's travel guide and search online "What one needs to know before going to Marrakech". However, all of these sources show you similar and (in our opinion) useless information.

So, here's the first thing one MUST KNOW before coming to Marrakech:

1. "Sur le Conteur s'il vous plaît"! 

It's true that the easiest and cheaper way to travel around in Marrakech is by cab. However, it's also true that you have to beg to every taxi driver for them to turn on the taximeter. The moment you inform "where to go", they immediately reply with a price. Every single time, that price is above the one you would pay through the machine. Therefore, do not agree a price in advance and ask them specifically "Sur le conteur s'il vous plaît"!

Note: By day the taximeter should start in 1.70 dirhams and by night in 2.55 dirhams!    

Last but not least, taxi drivers may get upset when one requests the counter! Therefore, and once you are a foreign, they will take you for a LONG RIDE so you pay a higher price. We advice you to turn your GPS as well and check the faster way!  



Two Foreigners currently living in Marrakech