The Great Desert.

Your three days journey will start at 8 am in Jemma El-Fna square where a bus will pick you up.

We will not lie. One will spend a lot of time on the road. But the true? It will be worth it!

Breakfast and dinner are all included, but not lunch. Therefore we advise you to "bootstrap" and travel light. Take with you enough dry snacks, bugs repellent, bugs bite cream, sleeping bag (advisable), lantern, 1 role of toilette paper and at least 1000 Dirhams per person - there will be few or no place that accept credit card as a payment or have ATM machine.


Day 1

11.00 am - Visit to Ait-ben-haddou, ancient clay city, set of famous Hollywood movies 

One guide will accompany you to the city, but it's services are not included - 20 Dirhams to visit only the village or 25 Dirhams to visit the village and castle. After a 45 minute stroll one will have lunch at a nearby local restaurant (around 120/150 Dirhams per person). 

3.00 pm - Stop in Ouarzazate to visit the museum "Musèe Du Cinema"

Around 20 Dirhams per person, but they will make a friendly price per group as well.   

7.00 pm - Arrival to the Hotel


Day 2

8.00 am - Leave the Hotel. On the road again

10.30 am - Ouarzazate Toudgha El Ouila. Visit a Carpet Cooperative and local waterfalls.  

 One will taste the famous moroccan mint tea, see how the carpets are made and have the chance to buy one as well. Nearby, you will pay a visit to the local waterfalls and valley where you can practice your climbing skills and buy turbans for the desert (trust me, you'll need them!). 

5.00 pm - Arrival to the Desert Hotel, El Taous Meknès-Tafilalet. 

The Hotel will provide the necessary camels to get you to your desert tent. And when I say "camels" I mean a 1 hour and a half journey until actually reach the heart of the desert.

Enjoy. You'll watch the african sunset from the back of the camel, in the middle of the Sahara - And you can cross this one from your bucket list! 

At the Desert, one will be installed in common tents and have free time to explore the surroundings. At night, enjoy the famous desert night sky.


Day 3

Wake up call will be at 5 in the morning to return and see the sunrise!