The Blue City.

Some say, "He who visits one Medina, sees them all", but He who enters Chefchaouen's old city, sees no equal.

There, you will explorer by foot the Blue old City's corners. However, pay attention to whom you talk to. The city has several fake guides, hotel sellers and black market dealers. When approached, just say "No" from the beginning.

At lunch and dinner it's not easy to make a decision, several good looking restaurants with appealing and low cost menus cover the city.

Moreover, you must also pay an early visit to Akchour's waterfalls. It's easy to grab a cab at Old Medina's entry but certify yourself first that the taxi is full. One must pay around 2,5€ for the trip. 

Book yourself a private excursion, go and grab your camera! The Blue City awaits!